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Starting work with LongBar

So, you've just downloaded and installed LongBar 2.0. Launch it. You will see an empty bar at the side of your screen. At this time you haven't any installed tiles, so LongBar is useless for you. Let's add some features. Right-click on the bar and choose Get more tiles

It will start your default browser and you will be redirected to LongBar 2.0 Tile Library. There you can read description and download any tile that is available for LongBar 2.0.
If you want to download all tiles at once just click Download as .zip file at the top

Let's for example download Google Search tile from Tile Pack #1 folder. After downloading will be finished, drag downloaded file to LongBar. You will see Install Tile dialog

Click Install and if all is ok, you will see a message about successful installation. Now you can start using this tile, just select it in Add tile menu

Tile will appear on the bar. Now you can quickly search something with Google.

Working with tiles

You already know how to install and add tile to the bar. But if you right-click on added tile you will see more available actions

Pin. You can pin any tile at the bottom of the bar. For example if you are accustomed to see clock at the bottom, you can pin DigitalClock tile

Minimize. Some tiles takes a lot of space. You can minimize any tile, so it will show only header. Some tiles can show information in header

Move up/down. You can rearrange tiles on the bar.

Remove. You can remove unusable tiles from the bar.

Properties. Some tiles can be configurable. If you click on this item you will see configuration window of this tile.


Tile shows the most important information on the bar. But some tiles can provide less important information in flyout. Flyout is a window which displays additional information for a tile. You can open this window by double-clicking on the tile on the bar but note that some tiles can control flyout showing (for example, Google Search shows flyout only when you press Enter in search box).

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